Code Enforcement Complaint Process | Print |

Complaint Generation
Complaint  Line - 404-612-2691 Tracking number provided upon request,
or otherwise within 24 hours
Inspector generated (zone coverage)
Via Website

Required Research
1st inspection within 1 - 3 days
Research in 3 - 5 days

Notice of Violation
Hand delivered, violator has 3 days to correct
Mailed, violator has 3 days upon receiving notice

Turned over to court liaison who assigns permitted cases to Magistrate Court andnon-permitted cases to the Code Enforcement Board

Violation is addressed by owner and corrected. Case is then closed.

Non Compliance
$1,000 fine per day, per violation
Fines are assessed by Magistrate Judge or Code Enforcement Board

Other Enforcement Efforts
Via Lien Process
Via Nuisance Abatement Process