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Fulton County Government Center
141 Pryor St. SW, Suite 8021
Atlanta, G A 30303

The Building & Grounds Division of the Department of Real Estate and Asset Management is responsible for Fulton County’s Building Construction, Customer Service, Facility Maintenance and Jail Services operations.

Responsibilities include:

  • Provide a 24/7/365 Customer Service Center that manages the facility maintenance work order program.
  • Provide management for the planning, design and construction of new capital projects.
  • Provide management for repair, renovation and minor construction projects.
  • Provide management for design, repair, renovation and minor construction for grounds projects.
  • Provide safe, clean and comfortable buildings for County citizens/visitors to conduct county business and employees to work.
  • Provide safe, efficient, and professionally maintained Jail detention facilities within the guidelines of the American Correctional Association, and all applicable federal, state, and local building codes and ordinances.

Customer Service Center

The Customer Service Center (CSC) manages the work order system that receives work order requests, enters the information in the Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS) and produces service work orders. CSC also assigns each service work order a priority (Emergency, High Priority, Scheduled or Routine), logs this information into the CMMS and sends the service work order to the appropriate work section. CSC provides technical support and training to End-User Department’s designated Work Order Coordinator (s).

Building Construction

Building Construction provides resources for the planning, implementation and reporting for the design and construction of new Fulton County capital and renovation projects. Manages facility capital projects in unified management with departments, consultants and the public to achieve cost-efficient and on-time completion with the highest quality of design, construction and safety. Additional responsibilities include the design and maintenance of Landscape Maintenance, Operations & Capital Financial Management, Underground Storage Tank, Hazardous Materials Assessment & Abatement, Americans with Disabilities Act Accessibility Compliance/Upgrades, Modular Furniture Procurement and Facility As-Built Management.      

Facility Maintenance

Facility Maintenance is responsible for day to day management of a comprehensive facility maintenance program that includes, but not limited to, operations and maintenance (O&M) of mechanical, electrical, plumbing  and HVAC equipment. Additional responsibilities include plumbing and grease trap maintenance, fire and life safety equipment, roof and roofing systems, elevators and vertical transportation systems, carpet repair and replacement, installation and maintenance of electronics equipment and systems, audio/video systems, CCTV and cable, lock and lock services, elevators and vertical transportation systems and back-up generator systems. Coordinates and manage material management activities that include: manage, order, pick-up, deliver and store equipment, tools and supplies used by various Buildings and Grounds work units. Perform and manages specialized building support services that include custodial, specialty floor care, pest control, pressure washing, waste removal, recycling, grounds maintenance, moving and relocation and special event support services.

Jail Services

Jail Services is responsible for the day to day management of comprehensive facility operations and maintenance services for the Fulton County Jail. These contracted operations & maintenance (O&M) services include, but not limited to, mechanical, electrical, HVAC, plumbing, architectural, structural and mechanical maintenance of all Jail facilities, including doors, windows and gate systems. Additional responsibilities include roof and roof maintenance, carpet repair and replacement, plumbing and grease trap maintenance, fire extinguishers, fire alarm, and fire suppression systems, exterior lighting, lock and lock services including security and electronic lock systems, elevators and vertical transportation systems, back-up generator systems, audio systems, video systems, CCTV and cable TV and appliance repair including kitchen and break room equipment.