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Fulton County maintains and compiles a large collection of data relating to location and geographic features.   These geospatial data files are used with geographic information system (GIS) software to create maps, perform spatial analyses and to support other information systems for which geography plays an important role.   Local governments like Fulton County are growing increasingly dependent on good geospatial data to support services from property tax assessment and facilities management to transportation services and economic development.   The geospatial data held by the County may also be useful to other government agencies, educational institutions, non-profit organizations, private enterprises, and the public at large.   With that in mind, Fulton County makes much of its geospatial data freely available for download through its Geoportal site.

Geoportal is a website maintained through a collaborative effort with the municipalities and other local agencies of Fulton County.   Through Geoportal you can search, browse and download much of the data maintained and used by the governments of Fulton County.  

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