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  1. Human Trafficking Information Notice
    Combat Human Trafficking

    The following article  is in compliance with O.C.G.A. § 16-5-47 concerning human trafficking information.

    Are you or someone you know being sold for sex or made/forced to work for little or no pay and cannot leave?

  2. Check Service of a Civil Paper

    You can now check service of your document via the State and Magistrate Court website. Click here to go directly to the online court records.

    Deputy Marshal's update their services daily.


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On August 20, 1913, the act that created the Fulton County Marshal’s Department was signed into law. This act reformed a significant portion of Georgia’s judiciary and it also abolished the justice of the peace courts in Atlanta. Section 24 of the act provides that the duties, powers, rights, authority and liabilities of the Fulton County Marshal, and each of said deputies, shall be the same as those prescribed for Constables elected or appointed, and serving in Justice Courts of this State, and in addition the same as those prescribed by law for the Sheriffs of the several counties so far as the same are consistent with the terms of this Act, and such other duties as may be prescribed from time to time by the Judges of said court in the rules of court.

The Marshal's Department has sworn law enforcement personnel that are certified by Georgia Peace Officers Standards and Training Council (P.O.S.T.). The Marshal's Department personnel:

  • Enforce Federal, State and Local Laws and Ordinances
  • Serve civil process
  • Serve dispossessory warrants
  • Execute eviction writs
  • Execute Probation and Magistrate Court warrants
  • Enforce writs of possession (turnover orders)
  • Conduct Judicial Sales
  • Provide security in State and Magistrate Courts

caleaIn 1995, The Fulton County Marshal's Department became the first and ONLY Marshal's Department in the United States to be nationally accredited by the prestigious Commission on Accreditation for Law Enforcement Agencies (CALEA). By being CALEA-accredited, this confirms that the Marshal's Department operates with a high standard, integrity and professionalism that is warranted and expected.

Marshal's Department Mission Statement

To preserve the peace, protect lives and to serve the public by enforcing the orders, writs and precepts of the State and Magistrate Courts of Fulton County, and other courts of competent judicial authority, in a responsible, efficient, and cost effective manner.


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