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A close working relationship with funeral directors is essential for the smooth operation of the Medical Examiner's Office.

We realize the funeral director is under pressure from the family and must get the body in time to make scheduled funeral arrangements. It is the policy of the Medical Examiner's Office to provide prompt examination of body, determine cause and manner of death and to prepare the necessary certificates in the most timely and expeditious manner. It must be kept in mind that there are instances when release of a body to a funeral home will be delayed (i.e., positive identification has not been confirmed, homicides, etc.). Most bodies are released within 24 hours of the report of death to our office.

The funeral director and all of his/her employees need to be aware of all types of death reportable to the Medical Examiner as described under "Types of Deaths to be Reported to the Medical Examiner" (above). Whenever it becomes apparent that a case is reportable, it is incumbent upon the funeral director to report the case to the Medical Examiner. This should be done before embalming. These cases should be reported even though the attending physician may have agreed to sign the death certificate. This will prevent needless disturbance or inconvenience to the family and the mortician in preparation for the funeral.

When the death comes under the jurisdiction of the Medical Examiner, the funeral director may not remove the body from the place of death without permission of the Medical Examiner. It is not acceptable practice to remove the body on the verbal opinion of the family that the physician will sign the death certificate. The physician should be contacted directly in order to learn whether or not the death certificate will be signed. In addition to his/her own observations, the funeral director should inquire of both the family and the physician whether there was any accident or injury associated with the death.


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