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How do I get reimbursed for my eligible expenses?  

AmeriFlex Convenience Card: You can use your AmeriFlex Convenience Card to pay for eligible expenses at the point-of-sale. Simply present your card for payment at an eligible merchant or provider. When your card is swiped, the system qualifies the expense to ensure that the expense and provider are eligible under your plan. Next, it determines if there is an adequate balance available in your account. Finally, the merchant is paid and the amount of the charge is deducted from your account. Please keep in mind that back-up documentation may be required to substantiate your claim, so be sure to save your receipts as proof that funds were used to pay for an eligible expense. For more information on how and where to use your card, refer to the documentation you received with your AmeriFlex Convenience Card, or contact the AmeriFlex Member Services team.

NOTE: Healthcare reform law has changed the rules regarding payment and reimbursement of certain types of over-the-counter medical expenses. FSA debit cards may be used for over-the-counter medicines and drugs so long as (1) a valid prescription for the over-the-counter medicine or drug is presented to the pharmacist; (2) the over-the-counter medicine or drug is dispensed by the pharmacist in accordance with applicable laws and regulations pertaining to the practice of pharmacy; and (3) an Rx number is assigned.

File a Manual Claim: You can also pay for eligible expenses out-of-pocket, and then get reimbursed by filing a manual claim. To file a manual claim, simply complete a Claim Form and mail, fax, or e-mail it to AmeriFlex along with an itemized receipt. Itemized receipts must include the following information: the provider’s name, the date(s) of service, the services rendered (e.g. prescription expenses), and the amount charged (not the amount paid). After the claim has been processed, you will receive reimbursement by check or direct deposit (if you have requested to have reimbursements deposited directly to your bank account). To have reimbursements deposited directly to your bank account, complete and submit our Direct Deposit Form.