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The Department of Real Estate and Asst Management provides resources for the planning, implementation and reporting for new Fulton County facility capital projects and major renovations.    A unified  management system serves as a guide to  partner with other County agencies and departments to  achieve quality project completion with efficiency and the highest standards of safety.

The Building  Construction Division is comprised of three separate  sections 1)Facility  Construction, 2)Facility Engineering, and 3)Support.   All three  provide technical  support to in-house maintenance sections as well as technical design review and construction support for new and renovation construction projects. This multi-faceted  division also researches, recommends, designs, and manages the installation of energy conservation projects to include lighting retrofits, heating, ventilation and air-conditioning, electrical, and mechanical systems in County facilities.

This division also provides services in  project planning, budgeting, design, construction, monitoring and reporting.  DREAM also develops the  procurement documents for design, engineering and construction contracts.

This division is located at 3977 Aviation Circle, Atlanta, GA 30336.



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