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The  Facilities and Transportation Services Department  utilizes two approaches to auctioning surplus equipment and material. These include a contract with a local auctioneering vendor and the use of eBay.
Our local auctioneering vendor contractual relationship is with Wayne Evans Auction Company, from Columbus GA. Wayne Evans Auction Company conducts monthly auctions at this location, usually on the first Saturday of the month. This monthly auction includes vehicles, office furniture, and light industrial equipment. Items from Fulton County Government are sold along side items provided from other organizations.
For more information about Wayne Evan Auction you may contact them at (800) 282-8460.
Fulton County also uses eBay as an alternate method for auctioning our surplus material and equipment. We provide accurate, honest, and detailed descriptions of the material and equipment being auctioned; all questions regarding the surplus items are answered publicly on the eBay site. Persons wishing to participate in the auction on eBay must establish an eBay ID and profile.




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