Reminder to Building Inspectors and General Contractors in Fulton County | Print |

Fulton County officials are anticipating an increase in building permit requests due to the destruction from the recent flooding. Fulton County officials would like to ask building inspectors and general contractors to be mindful of the state laws that apply to your business activities.

  • It is illegal to issue a permit to an unlicensed contractor for work that requires licensure.
  • It is illegal to issue a permit to a licensed contractor who is allowing an unlicensed contractor to use his or her license with the intent to evade the provisions of Georgia law.
  • It is illegal for a homeowner to obtain a permit for an unlicensed contractor to perform services which require a licensed contractor.

During times of crisis, property owners are often exploited because they lack knowledge of proper permitting procedures. If you suspect someone in your area is operating without a license, please contact the Secretary of State at 478-207-2440 or file a complaint online at