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as of December 1, 2015

What Are Our Objectives?

1. Increase the percentage of people living with HIV who know their serostatus to 90%(NHAS Indicator 1).

2. Decrease the percentage of people with AIDS at the time of diagnosis to < 10%.

3. Increase identification of persons with acute HIV infection.

How Will We Get There?

Decreasing the number of persons who have HIV but are unaware of their status will require expansion of routine opt-out testing in healthcare settings, coordinated and strategic use of non-healthcare setting testing targeted toward disproportionately affected populations, as well as expansion of partner services to provide testing and education to partners and sexual networks of persons with HIV. Increased identification of acute HIV infection will require widespread use of new “4th generation” HIV tests that are able to detect HIV infection earlier than older tests, including during the acute phase. Point-of-care rapid 4th generation tests are available but are not widely used in Fulton County. State and County data systems must be modified to classify correctly persons identified with acute infection, and to use these data in a timely manner for maximal impact on prevention and care. While these systems are being developed, both providers and public health staff need education on the proper management of persons with acute infection, and the need to rapidly link them to medical care and other services to support retention in care.


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