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The Bid Process includes properties that are being offered by sealed bid as well as those that may be for sale by auction.  

INSTRUCTIONS to complete the bid process are provided in the BID PACKAGE that has been prepared by the Purchasing Department for each property that is being offered for sale.   You may access the BID PACKAGE for the property you are interested in buying from a link at the bottom of the property description on the Surplus Properties for Sale page or you may go directly to the Bid Board in the Purchasing Department pages.  

It is very important to follow the INSTRUCTIONS carefully since they have been developed to  ensure compliance with State law and County policy.   Laws and policies are in place to ensure fairness in the sales process.  

The BID PACKAGE will specifically provide:

  • Legal description of the property
  • Bid Opening Date and Time
  • Property Inspection/Open House Date and Time
  • How to ask for further information, if needed
  • Other important matters

It will also provide the forms that you will complete as a part of the bid preparation process.

  • Bid Schedule
  • Real Estate Sales Contract
  • Non-collusion Affidavit of Bidder/Offeror

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