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The Fulton County Board of Commissioners is committed to ensuring that All People Are Safe, including protecting all from sexual exploitation and trafficking.

Chairman Robb Pitts convened this task force to build awareness of sex trafficking in Fulton County to all audiences and stakeholders in order to prevent, deter, and abate this criminal activity for the safety and well-being of all youth and the good health of Fulton County Communities.



1. Engagement with citizens, stakeholders, and the business community in our efforts to combat sex trafficking county-wide.

      a. Outreach with the 15 cities in Fulton County to enforce compliance with the laws.

      b. Outreach to youth, schools and youth-serving organizations on prevention and awareness.

      c. Outreach to the business community in building awareness among their staff and how they can help.

      d. Warning buyers and johns that sex trafficking will not be tolerated in Fulton County and that they will be prosecute.

2. Build awareness of sex trafficking using media.

      a. Programming and PSAs on FGTV.

      b. Public awareness campaign.

      c. Use of social media.

3.   Prepare for Super Bowl LIII in Atlanta in 2019 and other major sporting events.

      a. Major sporting events see a spike in trafficking. We want to prepare our citizens, stakeholders and visitors.


For information about the Sex Trafficking Task Force contact Chairman Robb Pitts’s office 404-613-2330 or email Harriet Thomas  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


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