Fulton County Residents Encouraged to Make Every Day “Earth Day” | Print |

Global climate change is, in a word – daunting. What can one person do to make a difference? Earth Day is April 22, and Fulton County Health Services offers a fresh look at daily actions residents can take to reduce the effects of climate change. The tips can help save money, cut waste and clutter, and better connect in the community.

 Fulton County 2013 Earth Day Calendar of Events

Organizers from Earth Day Network (EDN), the non-profit group dedicated to diversifying and mobilizing the environmental movement through planning and coordinating Earth Day activities and events around the world, have chosen “The Face of Climate Change” as the theme for 2013’s celebration on April 22.

Here are four tips for residents who want to take steps to reduce their carbon footprint:

Step 1: Re-Create Waste: Prevent food waste, embrace reuse and recycling, and practice natural lawn care.

  • Embrace reuse and save money by frequenting thrift stores and used building materials stores
  • Take a bite out of waste by making food waste prevention at home a family affair
  • Turn water into savings by using reusable water bottles instead of single-use plastic bottles
  • Say no to plastic bag waste by using durable bags everywhere you go

Step 2: Share and Share Alike: Reduce consumption by sharing or trading goods and services in your community. Use car-sharing services in your community.
o Embrace the new sharing economy and reduce consumption with innovative ideas such as tool sharing

  • Try a car sharing service such as Zipcar or car pool
  • Explore clothing swaps and toy swaps
  • Share gardens or garden harvests 

Step 3: Harvest the Sun: Try solar power, whether it’s charging your gadgets with a solar charger or drying your laundry outside. 
Step 4: Connect in Your Community: Volunteer with or support organizations that are working to improve the environment and reduce climate change.

For more information about Earth Day, log-on to www.earthday.org or to see “What Fulton’s Been Doing to Help” visit www.fultoncountyga.gov