Fulton County Courts Announce Second Annual Juror Appreciation Week | Print |

The Fulton State and Superior Court are excited to announce the 2nd Annual Juror Appreciation Week in honor of Fulton County residents who fulfill their civic duty by serving as jurors. Events planned for jurors are slated to highlight the importance of jury service while integrating activities which entertain and educate citizens.


Juror Appreciation Week will commence June 10, 2013 with an array of speakers including Fulton County jurists from State and Superior Court, former jurors, community stakeholders and members of the Fulton County Board of Commissioners. Jurors will also hear from Fulton County Department Heads regarding an array of services available to citizens.

Included in the week’s activities are:

  • Greetings from Fulton County Board of Commissioners, Jury Commissioners, Fulton County Court Judges, and former jurors,
  • Proclamations and awards for the Court,
  • Introduction of Juror Give Back Programs,
  • Movies,
  • Complimentary Snacks; and
  • Daily Give-A-Ways

According to Superior Court Chief Judge Cynthia D. Wright the objective of Juror Appreciation Week is to show past and prospective jurors that their contributions are greatly appreciated by the Court.

“Jury Service is a vital aspect of our government,” said Wright. “When you serve as a juror, you not only serve your country, but you serve as an integral part of the justice system.”

Since 2012, juror response rates have increased by 70%. The Court launched an aggressive campaign in 2011 to change the face of Jury Service in Fulton County by initiating a Failure to Appear Calendar, cost savings measures, a new jury management system, and better interactive tools to assist prospective jurors.

In addition to the FTA Calendar, Fulton County has implemented changes to improve jury duty by including:

  • Consolidation of Superior and State Court Jury Divisions
  • Implementing an online system for citizens to complete requests
  • Summonsing less people by creating smaller standby groups
  • Offering same week jury duty pay

Future changes for the Jury Services Division include providing jurors with 24-hour access by phone and more added conveniences in the Jury Assembly Room.

Judge Mather, Chief Judge of State Court, has reiterated the importance of this Juror Appreciation Week and what it means to Fulton County Courts and Citizens. “We want every juror to feel appreciated and to know how much we value their time and commitment to our system of justice,” Mather said.

Fulton County Jury Services will receive a proclamation from the Fulton County Board of Commissioners on June 5, 2013 at 10:00 a.m.