Superior Court of Fulton County Establishes New Position, Chief Deputy Judge | Print |

The Superior Court of Fulton County has established a new leadership position, Deputy Chief Judge, for the Court. In a historic move for the Court, the Honorable Gail S. Tusan will become the first Deputy Chief Judge for the Superior Court effective June 11, 2013, according to the District Court Administrator, Yolanda L. Lewis.


Deputy Chief Judge Tusan will serve a one year term through May 31, 2014 and will serve as a member of the Executive Committee. Additional duties include serving in the absence of the Chief Judge, acting as the Judicial Spokesperson for the Bench, presiding over designated meetings and committees, and managing the Internal Governance Committee, amongst other policy making duties. 

Deputy Chief Judge Tusan is the most senior of all Superior Court Judges with eighteen (18) years on the Fulton County Bench. A graduate of George Washington University School of Law, Deputy Chief Judge Tusan has more than twenty five (25) years of experience as a judge. “My overall objective in accepting this appointment is simple and transparent: to help make access to justice a reality for all of Fulton County's citizens, to contribute in any way I can to assure that our judicial system is efficient, fair, respectful of and responsive to the collective needs of all end-users, community partners and stakeholders, and to use my experience and perspective to help my colleagues to strategize and implement best court practices for the largest trial court system in the State of Georgia” states Deputy Chief Judge Tusan.

A distinguished educator, having lectured nationally and taught foreign judges in Russia and the Philippines, Judge Tusan serves as an adjunct professor at Emory Law School and a faculty member at the National Judicial College, and developed best practices for making American courtrooms accessible to self-represented litigants and citizens from diverse cultural backgrounds. Judge Tusan currently chairs the Internal Governance Committee, has served as interim Vice Chair of the Juvenile Court Committee, serves on the Business Court Committee, Joint Jury Committee, and also served as the 2013 Chair of the Fulton County Law Day Committee. Judge Tusan has also served on many bench, bar, and community boards.

“Our progress in court management over the past several years has been significant”, said Deputy Chief Judge Tusan.  “Through joint and inclusive court leadership and collaborations on all levels of government and partnerships, both grassroots and corporate, academic and non-profit, our bench-wide goal of being the best run courthouse in this country is obtainable.”

The Courts highest policy official, Chief Judge Cynthia D. Wright, welcomes the new leadership position. “Judge Tusan is an excellent jurist, with a remarkable passion for moving the Court forward in the right direction. I am honored to work with her as we continue to improve our Court”, stated Chief Judge Wright.