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Fulton County mailed out property assessment notices to all property owners in Fulton County. Here are answers to some of the most Frequently Asked Questions.

Is the property tax assessment notice I received the same thing as my property tax bill?
No. The property tax assessment notice is not a bill. It is a notice that reflects your property’s appraised value and the estimated property tax amount.

Why did I get an assessment notice this year, but not last year?
Until this year, property owners only received an assessment notice if the value of their property changed. A new Georgia law passed in 2010 requires all counties to send assessment notices to all property owners annually.

Why won’t the estimated total tax on the property tax assessment notice match my property tax bill exactly?
The state law that mandated the assessment notices also required counties to use last year’s millage rates when calculating estimates for the notices. Any change in millage rates by any taxing authority – the county, city, or school board - could create a change in your property tax amount. An increase or decrease in your property value could also create a change in your tax amount, even if the millage rates stay the same.

What is a millage rate?
This is the unit used to calculate property tax amounts. One mill equals a tenth of a cent, or one dollar on every thousand dollars of taxable value.

I heard that the Fulton County standard homestead exemption is $30,000 for 2011, but the notice I received said it was only $25,000. Why?
The data tables available reflected the 2010 exemption amounts and not the 2011 exemption amounts. As a result, the tax estimate uses the 2010 homestead exemption. The 2011 homestead exemption will be applied to tax bills mailed out later in the year.

The estimated total tax is incorrect on my notice of assessment. What should I do?
A formula error caused a miscalculation in the cases of many city of Atlanta property owners, causing an incorrect total tax amount.  Homeowners should look at the calculated tax for each line item, rather than the estimated total.

What are my options if I disagree with the appraised value of my property listed on the assessment notice?
Property owners have 45 days to file an appeal of the appraised value. The insert included with the property assessment notice also provides more detailed information on how to file an appeal. The appeal form is also available on the Board of Assessors website – www.fultonassessor.org

For a printable version of these FAQs, click here.



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