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Fulton Board Adopts 2012-2014 Strategic Plan | Print |

On Wednesday, August 3, the Fulton County Board of Commissioners adopted a 2012-2014 Strategic Plan that will guide key policy decisions and provide direction to the County Manager and staff for budgeting and other resource allocation.

 The plan culminates an extensive period of development and research.  The Plan was developed by the County Manager’s team based on the direction of the Board of Commissioners and with input and feedback from Fulton County employees and the community.  
Over a period of a month, Fulton County residents participated in a series of six “Citizen Sense” input sessions during which they were asked to provide input about budget priorities.  An online citizen survey is still in progress collecting additional input from residents about their service priorities.

 The Strategic Plan also drew from recommendations made by a Blue Ribbon Commission, including a recommendation for a codified plan of direction.

 The 2012-2014 Strategic Plan considers four key focus areas related to County service and performance: Health & Human Services, Community Services, Justice, and Economic Sustainability. These focus areas and the plan itself provide a framework for annual business plans developed by each County department, which include specific goals, objectives and performance measures.

 “I am pleased that the Board has supported this plan and has provided guidance for planning for our future service delivery,” said County Manager Zachary L. Williams. “Great planning is essential to great service delivery. Ongoing citizen engagement is important to effective planning, and we greatly value the feedback we have received from citizens in this process."

2012-2014 Strategic Plan


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