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Fulton County Offers Free Session on Managing Asthma | Print |

As part of its Fulton Asthma Improvement and Reduction Project (F.A.I.R.), Fulton County Health Services will offer a free education session for all concerned residents to help them learn how to identify and manage asthma.¬† The session will take place on Thursday, August 16, 2012 from 6:00pm ‚Äď 7:00pm at the Adamsville Regional Health Center located at 3700 Martin Luther King Jr. Drive, Atlanta, GA 30331.

A licensed Respiratory Therapist will leach attendees how to:

·        Identify signs of an asthma episode

·        Identify asthma triggers

·        Manage asthma episodes

·        How to make your home healthy and

·        Receive asthma medication information

Light refreshments will be served.

According to the American Lung Association, 24,657 children and nearly 55,000 adults suffer from asthma in Fulton County.  The F.A.I.R. Project began in May 2012 as a result of a resolution sponsored, by Vice Chair Emma I. Darnell (District 5), that directed the County Manager and Director of Health Services to develop an Asthma Control Action Plan to address asthma-related disparities in Fulton County.  Vital statistics data demonstrates that the largest asthma-related death rates in Fulton County include Districts 5, 6 and 7.

The Adamsville Education Session will be the third one in a series provided by Fulton County Health Services to address asthma by providing education to teach effective management and through using environmental interventions that can reduce asthma symptoms.  Health Services also collaborates with partners to develop and implement programs, polices and evidenced based practices aimed at improving the health and quality of life for those affected by asthma.

For more information about this Free Education Session on Managing Asthma, call 404-755-8788.  For more information about the F.A.I.R. Initiative, call 404-613-3497.


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