Fulton Board Adopts 2013 Budget with No Tax Increase | Print |

At its January 23, 2013 meeting, the Fulton County Board of Commissioners adopted a 2013 General Fund budget totaling $571,813,239.  The budget includes $8.7 million in reductions compared to the 2012 actual expenditures and includes continued funding for Grady Hospital.

The 2013 General Fund budget does not contemplate a millage rate increase.   

Fulton County has maintained its current General Fund millage rate of 10.281 mills since 2007 and has not increased its millage rate since 1991.  Fulton County is the only large county in metro Atlanta that has not increased its millage rate in the midst of a historic economic crisis.

Most Fulton County departments experienced 5% budget reductions in their 2013 budgets.  Additional cost savings will be achieved through reductions in Communications, the elimination of the Intergovernmental Affairs group, funds related epidemiology, youth programs, and other areas.

The Board of Commissioners also took action to prevent reductions in several key program areas. The Board took action to prevent proposed reductions to Library services by allocating $1.3 million in funding. The Arts & Culture Department’s arts contracts for services funds were also restored to 2012 levels, totaling $251,000.

The Board of Commissioners maintained funding for the Fulton County Superior Court at 2012 levels, allocated an additional $650,000 in funding to the District Attorney, and restored $312,000  of previous reductions to the Public Defender’s budget. The Board also increased funding for the Accountability Court by $250,000, and provided an additional $250,000 for Second Chance grant-related programs.

The Board also provided $145,000 for a Cascade Road signalization project and $40,000 for the Merk Road skid pad for law enforcement training.

In the area of Human Services, $500,000 was added to the Home Delivered meals programs for the elderly as well as and in-home services, home repair, and adult daycare. In addition, $295,000 was allocated for Milton Senior Services. 

The Board also added $200,000 to prevent the proposed closure of the Chattahoochee Nature Preserve and Cochran Mill Nature Center.

The Board of Commissioners voted to provide $50 million in funding for health services for indigent Fulton County residents.