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Fulton Emergency Services Encourages Residents to Continue Using 911 for Emergencies | Print |

Fulton County Emergency Services Director Angela Barrett urges residents to continue using 911 as the primary emergency assistance number, although “112” is being introduced in some areas as an alternate to “911.".

However, while “112” may be more familiar to international visitors, the “112” number has not been tested on all phone systems and is not universally available.
“Dialing 911 is the most widely supported means for residents to call for emergency assistance in the country,” said Ms. Barrett. “We encourage residents to continue utilizing “911” in emergencies.” 

She also reminds residents that although they can dial 911 from any phone when an emergency arises, they are encouraged to utilize a land line where available. “Land lines are more reliable and precise in pinpointing the geographic location of the caller,” said Barrett.



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