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Fulton County Commission Chairman John H. Eaves Welcomes "Africa Umoja" to Fulton County | Print |

Fulton County Commission Chairman John H. Eaves welcomed the performing arts singing and dance troupe “Africa Umoja” to Fulton County.   He presented the troupe with a proclamation on behalf of the Fulton County Commission and congratulated them for their dedication to the arts as they celebrate “20 Years of Democracy and Freedom”.  

“It is with great pleasure that I welcome this outstanding group of artists to our County.   “Africa Umoja” is a troupe that tells the story of African Culture through every song they sing and dance they perform.   There is a direct connection between their story and our story within the African-American community, and this is what makes their visit to the states such an amazing experience,” said Chairman Eaves.

“Africa Umoja” celebrates the culture of South Africa through music and dance.   The play includes the music of legendary South African artists such as Mariam Makeba and Hugh Masekela.   Performances will be held at the Rialto Center of the Arts at Georgia State University beginning November 25 and will end November 30, 2014.  


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