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Fulton County Department of Arts & Culture Announces 2015 Funding Line | Print |

Each year, the Fulton County Department of Arts & Culture (FCAC) invests in non-profit organizations to ensure that Fulton County citizens enjoy a wide array of rich arts experiences. FCAC announces funding ranging from $2,000 to $150,000 for Fulton County based arts, cultural and community-based non-profit organizations and artist collectives for the 2015 funding cycle.

Eligible groups are encouraged to apply for these service contracts which are designed to support activities taking place January 1 through December 31, 2015.   These services contracts will also address FCAC’s mission to provide access, participation in and an appreciation of the arts for all Fulton County residents.

FCAC will lead workshops that will address the application process and funding guidelines. Workshops are free and open to the public. Advanced registration is required. First time applicants are required to attend one workshop or consult with the FCAC staff prior to submitting an application. (Attached is a workshop schedule)

Guidelines and Application Updates

The Contracts for Services Program has transitioned to a calendar year funding cycle. Funding awarded for fiscal year 2015 will cover programs and services provided between January 1-December 31, 2015.

Redistricting:   2015 ushered new leadership and new district lines. For more details click on the link (http://www.fultoncountyga.gov/commissioners).

NEW! Two funding categories re-introduced to encourage expanded art service delivery and to promote program accessibility.

The Grassrootscategory will target social service, community, youth and civic institutions seeking project support for an arts program.

Applicants must apply with a qualified professional artist. The minimum request amount in this funding category is $1000 and the maximum request amount is $1500.

The Neighborhood Programcategory supports arts organizations, cultural institutions, resources organizations, units/divisions of government agencies and non-arts organizations through project support. Funds awarded will assist Fulton County in its efforts to expand the delivery of direct impact, arts program through outreach to underserved populations in north, south and unincorporated Fulton County. Eligible programs must take place in the venue of the applicant’s target audience. The program does not support delivery of services to participants inside the city of Atlanta. Collaborations and partnerships are encouraged. The minimum award request is $2000 and the maximum is $30,000.

Fulton County launched a new, Access Policy for Persons with Disabilities.     Informational workshops will be announced for 2015 for all contractors/vendors.

New applicants are required to register for a Fulton County Vendor Code as the first step in the application process using the vendor code self-service system. Applications without a confirmed vendor code will be considered ineligible for funding consideration. Returning applicants are encouraged to update the vendor information in the system including address and contact annually. Additionally, all applicants should check in with the purchasing department to ensure that they have received all the required business documents to maintain an active vendor code. Vendor code numbers are required at the time of application. To access the vendor self-service site on the Fulton County Government website enter the following URL address: www.fultonvendorselfservice.co.fulton.ga.us

Applicants who are approved for funding and are presented with fiscal agent issues that are not resolved at the time of contract will forfeit the award.

Deadlines for submission of accurate and complete final reports will be strictly enforced.   Organizations interested in applying should review the guidelines available on the FCAC’s web site, www.fultonarts.org and contact the agency early in the planning process to verify their eligibility. Staff members are available to assist organizations throughout the process.

The deadline for submitting applications is Thursday, February 26, 2015. Applications must be received in FCAC’s office by 4:45 p.m. For more information on the FCAC, please visit www.fultonarts.org or call 404-612-5780. For workshop details and registration, please visit www.fultonarts.org or call 404-612-5784.


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