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Fulton County Registration Chief Observes International Election | Print |

When Shauna Dozier, Fulton County Registration Chief, was asked if she wanted to participate in an international presidential election, she jumped at the chance. Ms. Dozier participated on an Observation Mission to the Republic of Kazakhstan for their Early Presidential Election that was held on April 26, 2015.

“I felt this would be a great opportunity for one of my staff to see how elections are held in other parts of the world,” state Rick Barron, Director, Fulton County Department of Registration and Elections. “I have participated in other international elections and was able to obtain a new appreciation of the way we conduct elections in the states.”

The mission effort included 33 Americans from across the nation who traveled to the country of Kazakhstan which is located in Central Asia, northwest of China. “It was an honor for to participate in this historical election to vote in a president,” stated Ms. Dozier. “This experience was truly a once in a lifetime time opportunity to gain knowledge that will help me better serve Fulton County voters.”

Ms. Dozier and her U.S. counterparts were allowed to observe several polling places and the voting process from receipt of ballot to casting of ballot. Through the use of an interpreter, they were also given the opportunity to speak with voters. “The people of Kazakhstan were very kind and excited about the voting process,” states Ms. Dozier. “This election had a 98% turnout. Those are the types of numbers we hope to achieve in all of our elections.”

The nine day mission trip was sponsored by PAE, a Lockheed company, occurred April 20 to April 29, 2015. Under a State Department contract, PAE provided over 120 highly-skilled professionals to serve as observers for the presidential elections in Ukraine in support of the Organization of Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE).

Ms. Dozier was selected to participate in on the mission applying and participating in a short term observer pre-screening interview process. Once she was approved, she applied for the mission, take and pass four (4) online classes.  The courses were on the organization OSCE, conflict management and the history of Kazakhstan.    

The Fulton County Registration and Elections Department is responsible for conducting elections in Fulton County and registering voters who reside within Fulton County. The Fulton County Board of Registration and Elections has jurisdiction over the Department of Registration and Elections. The department is headed by a director who is the chief administrative officer to the Board of Registration and Elections.

For more information about the department and voter registration, please visit www.fultonelections.com. Follow us on Twitter @FultonInfo.


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