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Fulton County Decreases 2015 Millage Rate | Print |

By a 5 to 2 vote, The Fulton County Board of Commissioners adopted a 2015 General Fund millage rate of 10.5 mills.  The vote approves a cut of approximately 10.9% to the General Fund property tax rate from the 2014 rate of 11.781 mills.  This cut will take effect with the 2015 tax bills.  Those bills are scheduled to go out in August of this year.


“We got the opportunity to send a message to our constituents that Fulton County wants to ease the burden faced by so many of our taxpayers as we make every effort to maintain a high and consistent level of services,” says Fulton County Board of Commissioners Chairman John H. Eaves. “We want to show our taxpayers that we are good stewards of tax dollars.”

“While I am pleased that we were able to reduce the mileage rate by 10.9 %, I am committed to continue to reduce the tax burden of the citizens of Fulton County, and still delivering quality services to our citizens,” said Vice Chairman Liz Hausmann, District 1.

The Board had originally advertised a proposed 2015 millage rate of 10.911 mills, representing a revenue neutral rollback. The Board approved a motion by Commissioner Bob Ellis, District 2, to further reduce the rate to 10.5 mills.

“I’m extremely pleased that my colleagues on the Board of Commissioners have come together to endorse and approve this meaningful decrease in the 2015 millage rate,” said Commissioner Ellis.

The Board also approved a reduction in the tax rate for the Bond Fund, used to fund the ongoing construction of new libraries and renovation of some existing libraries, as approved by Fulton County voters in 2008.  The Bond Fund will decrease from 0.270 mills to 0.250 mills. 

The Board also adopted a South Fulton Tax District millage rate of 11.579 mills, representing a rollback from 12.469 mills. This fund provides municipal-type services for residents in unincorporated Fulton County, including Fire, Police, Parks & Recreation, and Planning services. 


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