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New Public Comment Rules Take Effect October 7 | Print |

On September 16, the Board of Commissioners adopted changes to public comment that will take effect with the October 7 meeting. These new changes will maximize opportunities for public comment at Commission meetings. As of this week’s meeting, on Wednesday October 7, speakers can no longer yield or donate time to another participant. Speakers will be granted up to two minutes apiece.

“We hope that change in policy will open the floor to more constituents hoping to have commissioners hear their concerns,” says District 3 Commissioner Lee Morris, the lead sponsor of the resolution. “Under these new rules, more people will get the time to have their say.”

The change also expands the public comment period from 15 minutes to 30 minutes at Regular meetings, and maintains 30 minute public comment period at the Recess meeting. The Board of Commissioners has the opportunity to waive the 30 minute period to allow more citizens to participate in the public comment period.

If the topic of the comment involves an immediate issue to be resolved, citizens can contact first the County Manager’s office to refer the issue to the relevant county department head to rectify the issue or they can reach out to the office of a County Commissioner to ask to have the item put on an upcoming board agenda.


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