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Summer Food Program for Children Who Rely on School Meals | Print |

“No Kid Hungry” Program Serving Up Meals in Multiple Locations around Fulton County and Elsewhere Around the State  

There's help for families whose children rely on free or reduced price meals during the school year and who may  need  nourishing meals in the summer months. The statewide program “No Kid Hungry” is a way to help  to those families—they can visit a number of places across the state and 41 locations in Fulton County for  breakfast,lunch, snacks and/or dinner meals.  Click on the link below for the locations and a schedule of Fulton‘s FREE meals.  

The program is a service of the United States Department of Agriculture and the Georgia Office of Integrity and  Strategy which oversees the state’s WIC program. It is open to all children who are 18-years or younger. There  is no enrollment requirement and there is no cost. Families in need can get more information about when and where  to visit the sites in their neighborhoods by texting “Food” to 877-877. They will be texted the number of the  National Hunger Hotline where they can access information.

Families may also visit this website: https://www.fns.usda.gov/summerfoodrocks They’ll find an interactive map  that will direct them to the various meal venues. WIC families can get more information in the health centers  where they receive their WIC services.

Click here for a list of locations.


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