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Fulton County Statement on Temporary Collection Order | Print |

Fulton County is pleased with Judge Harvey’s ruling. We appreciate his prompt decision, which will allow tax bills to be issued using the 2017 corrected tax digest and 2017 millage rates set by the taxing jurisdictions as a basis.  Today’s ruling will allow tax bills to be issued quickly for all of the agencies that comprise Fulton County tax digest.

Our focus throughout the process has been to protect the interests of homeowners in this County and to also fashion a solution that allowed government services to continue without disruption.  The outsized increases in the original assessments were so large that a disproportionate number of homeowners would have seen dramatic increases in property taxes and placed many in a precarious financial position.

Our immediate focus now turns to the issuance and collection of tax bills.  

Final Order Authorizing the Immediate and Temporary Collection of Taxes


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