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Developmental Disabilities and Arts & Culture to Host “CREATIVE LIKE ME” Exhibit | Print |

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Collaboration a first to expand efforts to expose participants to experiences that enrich their lives

Beginning March 7, 2018 at 10:00 a.m. the Fulton County Department of Behavioral Health and Developmental Disabilities and the Department of Arts & Culture will kick off the “CREATIVE LIKE ME” Art Exhibit.   The day begins with a proclamation from the Fulton County Board of Commissioners to honor the adults participating in the Developmental Disabilities program. The art project comes as the nation observes Developmental Disabilities Awareness Month.

Following the proclamation presentation, Developmental Disabilities and Arts & Culture will host an 11:00 a.m. reception and opening of the art exhibit in the Peachtree Gallery.   The Gallery is located on the second floor of the Fulton County Government Center at141 Pryor Street, Atlanta, GA.

The March 7 – May 24 Arts activities will feature the art works of adult individuals using the services of Developmental Disabilities.   “CREATIVE LIKE ME” will also include an April 3, 2018 Panel Discussion titled “The Value of Creative Expression.”   The panel discussion will be held at the Central Training Center located at 425 Langhorn Street in Atlanta, GA.   The one-hour panel discussion begins at 10:30 a.m.

The idea for an Arts collaboration began with a proposal from Arts & Culture as a means of reaching over 300 developmentally disabled adults with enrichment through creative expression.

LaTrina Foster, Director of Behavioral Health & Developmental Disabilities, expressed her excitement about the project. “Our staff members are passionate concerning our goals of exposing our adult clients to all of the possibilities for their lives. We focus primarily on building the social, emotional, physical and intellectual skills of individuals we serve, all within the framework of our philosophy of exposing Developmentally Disabled individuals to normal activities that we all can enjoy.”

Arts and Culture Director Lionel Thomas, whose department presented the idea added, “Helping developmentally disabled individuals to experience the different facets of arts and culture meets the Fulton County Strategic Plan objective of ensuring that “All People are Culturally Enriched.   We are committed to expanding our reach to enrich the lives of all individuals within Fulton County.”

Several parents enthusiastically agreed with the idea and expressed their ongoing support of Developmental Disabilities.   They all agree their adult children receive services that prevent them from experiencing isolation and boredom. (See attached parent statements)

For more Information about CREATIVE LIKE ME, call (404) 613-7013alt

For more information, visit Fulton County’s website at www.fultoncountyga.gov  or connect with Fulton County government on Twitter at @FultonInfo or Facebook at @fultoninfo

Parent Reactions to Developmental Disabilities andCREATIVE LIKE ME”

Gloria Patterson

Mother of Chaundra Patterson

Chaundra Patterson has been with Developmental Disabilities for 10+ years. How valuable has it been for Gloria and Curtis Patterson and their daughter Chaundra?   Gloria Patterson says, “The Developmental Disabilities program has meant the world to us and it has meant the world to her.   Chaundra made new friendships.   She became acquainted with adults who work with her in all aspects of her development, and she really looks forward to participating.”     How does Patterson feel about Chaundra’s art activities and the planned art exhibit “CREATIVE LIKE ME”? She responded, “Chaundra recently brought a painting home that she created.   The painting was folded, but when I opened the folds; it was magnificent. I was so excited to see it.” Patterson says she pressed the painting out and put weights on top of it to prepare it for framing.  She adds, “The staff is committed to exposing the participants to various cultural events/performances. A love of the arts and a creative spirit appears to be a family trait.   Patterson loves crafts and Curtis Patterson is a nationally and internationally known local sculptor.

Patricia Bridges Jackson

Mother of Channing “Doug” Bridges

“CREATIVE LIKE   ME” is an extension of the instructors’ commitment to continue helping individuals in the Fulton County Developmental Disabilities Program.   It helps clients to develop their skills and move forward to interact with others, while seeing themselves as part of the world.”  Patricia Bridges Jackson, mother of Channing “Doug” Bridges says, “This program is a much needed Support Program, because it not only helps those with disabilities, but their families also.”  She describes staff members as “Amazing People”, saying they are a blessing and commends them for their dedication to serving those who are developmentally disabled.  She adds, “It takes a special person with a huge heart to support these special needs”.

Reverend Joanne B. Nelson

Mother of Jamal Nelson

Jamal Nelson has been with Developmental Disabilities for 11 years.   His mother, Reverend Joanne B. Nelson, describes the program as “excellent.”     Reverend Nelson commends Developmental Disabilities staff and their concern for participants, “They are concerned about him personally, and concerned about the direction of all of the children’s development.   Reverend Nelson says the program services are more than “children sitting a in a classroom for six hours a day.”   How does she feel about “CREATIVE LIKE ME?” Reverend Nelson says, “I believe that it makes a big difference.   For me, the key thing for children with disabilities is communication, letting them see what is going on in the world and that they are part of the world.”   She adds, “Developmental Disabilities is making a difference, one child at a time.”

Citizens in need of reasonable accommodations due to a disability including communications in an alternative format should contact the Disability Liaison in the Department of Behavioral Health and Developmental Disabilities at (404) 613-6385alt. For Georgia Relay Access, dial 711.


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