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Fulton County adds portable 911 capabilities | Print |

Fulton County Emergency Services Department successfully tested a new portable 911 system just weeks before thousands on the East Coast prepare for a possible hurricane evacuation.

While a hurricane isn't likely to cause a mass evacuation of Fulton County any time soon, when the City of Atlanta had to replace a water main in June, relocating the 911 call center became a very real possibility.

This new system allows 911 call center operations to transition seamlessly to almost any Fulton County building with no loss of functionality, and the system can be fully operational within 20 minutes of arriving to a new location.

Previously, if the 911 call center had to be relocated, only a caller's phone number was transferred, and texting to 911 wouldn't work. With this new portable system, not only does text to 911 work but the full gamut of caller information is available to the call taker such as the caller's location, and this system continues interfacing with the computer-aided dispatch system that helps transfer that information on to first responders.

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