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In a continuous effort to create a better experience for our customers we have updated our bill layout. Our new bills have been designed to give you more information and to help you understand your usage/consumption and the charges on your bill.

Your water bill can be one of your best conservation tools. Knowing how to read and interpret your water and sewer bill can help you understand your consumption, detect possible leaks, and even save money!

The back of the bill provides useful information related to payment options, rates and general rules concerning your utility service.

Click on the bill sample below to open a PDF copy, or scroll down for more information.

 how to read your bill - feb 21 2019


 asset 4

Customer Number and Account Number

When you have questions about your account, please have these numbers ready for faster service.

asset 5

Balance Forward

This shows the unpaid amount from your previous bill. This amount is past due.

asset 6

Total Balance Due

Please pay this amount. It includes the amount of your current bill and any unpaid previous bills, if applicable.

asset 7

Due Date

This is the date your current charges are due. Please pay by this date to avoid any service interruption charges.

asset 9

Total Current Charges

This amount represents charges for the services provided during the current billing cycle.

asset 10

Current Usage Charges

This area shows a detailed calculation of current charges: the amount of usage and the cost per tier.

asset 11

Account Number for Your Bank’s Online Bill Pay Service

When setting up your bank’s online bill pay service you will have to enter an “account number”. You must use the 16-digit combination of your customer number and account number without any separation.

asset 12

Meter Information

This table shows reading and usage information for each meter.

asset 13

Winter Average

This number shows your winter average usage. It is used to calculate application of usage tiers.

asset 14

Important Messages

Look here for important information about your bill, water saving tips, customer programs.

asset 15

Usage History Graph

This bar graph shows your usage history for the past 2 years.

asset 16

Amount Enclosed

Please write the amount you are paying.

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