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When used for irrigation, most of the water does not go back into the sewer to get processed, it goes into the soil.   Because of this, Fulton County allows customers to have a secondary dedicated irrigation meter installed which is not subject to the sewer charges. This may represent substantial savings on your water bill expenses during the warmer months.

Customers may apply for a separate irrigation meter by contacting Simone Rolland at (404) 612-0883. The approximate cost for the meter and installation is $2,385.


You can apply for a hydrant meter at 141 Pryor Street, S.W., Ste. 6001 6th Floor, Atlanta Ga 30303. A $1,168.00 deposit will be required to obtain a hydrant meter. You will be required to call in the bi-monthly meter readings to (404) 612-7561.

Please note that Fire Hydrant Meters do not have a permanent address/location; they are rented and remain the property of Fulton County. Therefore all hydrant meter bill will have a service address of 141 Pryor Street. Please contact Simone Rolland at (404) 612-0883 for additional information.

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