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Workers' Compensation Policies and Procedures

Statement of Policy: It shall be the policy of Fulton County to provide medical care, compensation, and injury leave to any employee who may be injured or disabled on the job, or who may suffer an occupational illness, any of which arise out of, and in the course of their employment, as provided by law. Injury Leave may be granted only in cases involving catastrophic injuries.

Background: Fulton County is a self-funded Workers’ Compensation Program, and operates in compliance with the State of Georgia Workers’ Compensation Act.

Applicability: This policy shall apply to all Fulton County employees, departments and agencies.

General Requirements: Any Fulton County employee who may be injured or disabled on the job, or who is exposed to or suffers an occupational illness of any kind, is required to report such incident or condition at once to his/her immediate supervisor, agent, or authorized representative of supervision. The initial report may be made orally, but a completed Workers’ Compensation Occupational Injury Report should be received in the Risk Management/Workers Compensation Office - Finance Department, within forty-eight (48) hours after the accident, injury or illness. Failure to submit timely reports may delay or endanger applicable indemnity and/or medical benefits to County employees.